short film

The area is changing. People are disappearing. What has that got to do with coffee?

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Written and directed by actor and playwright Nathaniel Martello White, CLA’AM is a short film about a man who notices that his area is changing and suspects that darkness may be afoot. As Hog, a long time resident of a certain south London district known as Cla’am searches for his friend JJ, he starts to see patterns and signs pointing to a mysterious plot. But no one will listen to him. As the mystery deepens CLA’AM is the story of Hog’s mission to expose the conspiracy, and save his friend. Is it all in his head? Or might the disappearance of the locals really be somehow connected to all the new coffee shops.


Joel Fry as Hog
Ivanno Jeremiah as Weezle
Brian Bovell as Bickle
Director of Photography Liam Iandoli
Production Designer Damien Creagh
Editor Christopher Watson
Music by Cristobal Tapia de Veer
Produced by Rob Watson
Executive Producers Carly Rich-Conway and Jaimie D’Cruz
Written and Directed by Nathaniel Martello-White

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