3 x 60' for Channel 4

TX 2019

In a crazy, scary, unpredictable new world where there are no certainties and everything is changing, online businesses, social media and the internet have ripped up the rulebook and opened the doors to a whole new way of making a living. In this new three part series for Channel 4, Jamali Maddix explores the wild west frontier of our strange new digital era as he meets people finding new ways to sell sex, become celebrities – and maybe even change the world.

Jamali will meet surprising and wonderful characters, encounter curious and offbeat ideas and meet groups brought together by their own unique take on the world. Each episode will focus on a different theme to take us into the worlds of sex, fame and the coming revolution around cryptocurrency in a rebooted Reality 3.0.


Written and Presented by Jamali Maddix
Director David McConnell
Producer Lauren Jacobs
Assistant ProducersSarah Muhsen, Poppy Begum and Evie Buckley
Executive ProducerJaimie D’Cruz

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