Mark Duggan




Broadcast: 2016

Lawful Killing is a 90-minute documentary with dramatic reconstructions of the police shooting of Mark Duggan in Tottenham in August 2011.


The incident triggered the worst riots in living memory, with the impact extending far beyond the Duggan family and the community of Tottenham. Significant elements of what actually happened that day in August 2011 remain unclear, despite a Coroner’s Inquest and a lengthy IPCC Investigation.


This documentary recounts in forensic detail the events surrounding the death of Mark Duggan, with exclusive testimony from a number of key participants. It uses a combination of personal testimony, evidential footage, dramatised reconstruction based on verbatim Inquest transcripts, and witness and expert interviews.


Many of the events of the day remain in dispute, and the film accurately portrays the differing points of view of the family and friends of Duggan; the police officers involved in the operation and those tasked with investigating it subsequently.


By setting out to present a 360-degree version of all of the main accounts of what happened on that day, this film asks the audience to make up their own minds about an event which continues to resonate more than five years after it occurred.


DoP: Will Hanke
Editor: Derek Kersting
Director: Jaimie D’Cruz
Producer: Shanthy Sooriasegaram
Executive Producer: Simon Ford

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