In these witty, disruptive and informative 3-minute shorts, Countdown’s resident word expert Susie Dent celebrates the history and etymology of swearing with animations by Fonejacker’s Ed Tracy. Our fascination with swearing reflects an age-old love affair with the intricacies and nuances of our native tongue. Swear words can help you exclaim, punctuate, intimidate, aggravate, and amuse – but why are these particular words so popular – and where do they actually come from? Each episode in this series celebrates the versatility, history and diversity of one iconic swear word through the bizarre but true stories behind the curses we thought we knew so well. Susie also sets out to enrich our swearing arsenal by providing a lesser known alternative for each of them.


Presenter Susie Dent
Director of Photography Will Hanke
Head of Production Elanor Lee
Series Producer Katy McClellan
Executive Producer Jaimie D’Cruz
Written by Susie Dent & Katy McClellan
Animations Written and Directed by Ed Tracy

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