BBC4 (Autumn 2017)

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Rodney P presents the extraordinary untold story of how a generation of pirate radio broadcasters took on the Thatcher government and changed the face of British pop culture in the 1980s. The story of the land-based black music pirates is approached as an alternative history of Britain in an era more usually associated with greed, boring mainstream music and big shoulder pads; but there was so much more going on – for those who were looking (and listening) in the right places. In this social history/pop culture history doc, Rodney celebrates the tower block pioneers who gave a platform to the new wave of black music – soul, funk, reggae hip hop and house which, despite being ignored by the broadcast establishment, went on to take over the world.


Presented by Rodney P Edwards
Director of Photography Anthony Thomas
Editor Derek Kersting
Producer Vanessa Van-Yeboah
Assistant Producer Evie Buckley
Executive Producer Simon Ford
Directed by Jaimie D’Cruz

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